Through ironically colourful colourblind eyes....

11/10/2005 12:53:00 PM


There is no spoon...


Blogger Rae did sey...

that's very interesting. part of my research deals with pigments and colour. I'm very curious about why this happens.

Thu Nov 10, 03:33:00 PM 2005 


Blogger bassChocolate did sey...

Amazing. I started to feel crazy as all the dots disappeared while I stared at the cross. And as conscious as I was of it, there was nothing I could do about it. Neat.

Thu Nov 10, 04:18:00 PM 2005 


Blogger Bashmentbasses did sey...


Always love this kinda stuff. Everytime man get too big fi him britches, another one of these tests shows us that we have much to learn.

Thu Nov 10, 11:05:00 PM 2005 


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