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8/27/2005 10:07:00 PM

Music Is.....over

Ahh, its finally over:) Weeks and weeks of long hours of practice, finally culminating in four great shows over 3 days. We got good reviews in 3 different publications, each being better than any review of previous concerts. Well, that Ive seen anyway. Seems the long hours was worth it after all. Some say this was the best show we have put on yet. I am inclined to agree, though I feel its not solely due to the music. The theme of the concert, 'Music Is..', as well as our host, Rosemarie Murray, brought the audience as little closer to the panoridim, and what music was to us.

For me the road was nowhere near easy, however. After my last MBA class before summer break (leading up to that was hell, or close to it) I came back to a section where I hoped to take more of back seat in terms of playing than I had done in previous years. Alas, this was not to be. The lead tenor player found her calling and followed her heart all the way to Trinidad for the summer (kudos to you B ,I hope I will soon be as lucky :-). The other major tenor players would be in and out of the panyard at different times for the next couple weeks, the only consistent tenor would be moi. All would not be in the panyard at the same time until July. Incidentally, this is the time that all teaching was scheduled to stop. 9 songs for yours truly to learn and teach to different individuals with different schedules in approximately 8 weeks. You can imagine the dilemma. However, long practice hours, 6 day pan weeks (before the full band was doing it), simultaneously teaching 2 and learning one song, couple splitting headaches, 3 1/2 months and two completely worn out tenor stick rubbers later, Richie declared that the tenors were second only to the bubbling double seconds. Quite an achievement for a section that had the least amount of band practice time :-D We managed to pull together and get the job done. GO TENORS!!! I feel i should give myself a small pat on the back as well, being section leader to a section where almost all the players are better more experienced players than yourself. But the job still got done!

The concert came, and went, with great reviews. We worked hard, we played harder, we had fun during it all. Now its time for a breather, to play to the tune of something other than a pan for a while. I suspect the next couple months will see some changes in the band, familiar and maybe some unfamiliar. Whatever comes our way, if we managed to pull off this concert, we can handle anything.

Anonymous B did sey...

No need to pat yourself on the back D, I said it before and I will say it again - you did an amazing job!! Congrats and thanks again for stepping up to the challenge.

Sun Aug 28, 09:36:00 PM 2005 


Anonymous thinkbass did sey...

Well done Yallo. I ws mighty impressed with the way the tenors rallied and produced a very credible section in time for pan. (You'll never get this kind of praise again.)

Mon Aug 29, 09:18:00 AM 2005 


Blogger david did sey...

yeah, all yuh tenors was real good.
then again, tenors are enginiered in such a way that they devlop a certain amount of strength and endurance which seems to fly past the other members. Storing thrirty odd melodies in ur head will build charactor.
big up to all da tenors, uno large.
i'm just glad u all had to learn the 10 minute cuba song

Wed Aug 31, 12:00:00 AM 2005 


Blogger Rae did sey...

D, first of all I hope you will always consider arranging for the band as something that you will continue to do. You have been the person to arrange the most current songs 2 concerts in a row now, and done them quite well (use the audience to judge if you don't believe me). Keep it up!!

Though you play the tenor very well, have carried the section, and they need you, I must say that I miss seeing you on seconds. The tenor pan doesn't do your dancing abilities enough justice. either way, play on!!

Tue Sep 06, 04:48:00 PM 2005 


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