Through ironically colourful colourblind eyes....

4/13/2006 07:36:00 AM


As much as I hate it when an outsider takes something traditionally Jamaican and does it better than us, I have to give props to this Jewish artist for his reggae tune "King Without A Crown". In my opinion, musical-wise this song is a work of art. He has managed to take traditional reggae, throw in some dancehall AND some rock (rock guitar solo) and mix it all together into one easy-listening, head-bopping tune. Granted, you cant understand a word he says due to his heavy jewish accent, but still a nice song to listen to.

I cant talk about Matisyahu in this manner without mentioning another reggae artist, German-born Tilmann Otto a.k.a Gentleman. He has even managed to learn and include our Jamaican patois competently. His song "Intoxication" is probably my favourite of the many on the drop leaf.

Our local artists better watch themselves, we've got int'l competition for our local product.

Blogger Sweet Simone did sey...

Don't know about this Matisyahu but Gentleman is really good. I was shocked when i found out who sang "Intoxication". Send me "King without a Crown"

Thu Apr 13, 09:00:00 AM 2006 


Blogger bassChocolate did sey...

My gosh! You wrote this post a week ago and I'm just reading it now. Boy, am I out of it.

"King Without A Crown" had my attention from minute number one. It has a very catchy old-school style reggae beat, without being too unoriginal. You can actually understand some of what Matisyahu says, and it's decent stuff. His album is one I'd be interested in hearing. I've heard two songs now, and I've liked them both.

Thu Apr 20, 08:04:00 AM 2006 


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