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10/10/2006 02:48:00 PM

Training a farign

The last two weeks saw Digicel sending me and 2 of my coworkers to Wakefield Massachusetts for training. Mind you, the platform we're getting the training on has been in operation since February, but we receive the training late in true Digicel fashion. We were to join 5 others from across the Caribbean (St Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad, Aruba and Curacao).

We arrived on the Sunday, training for the following weekdays from 9 am - 4:30 pm. Of course, once you are abroad shopping is a must, esp for those who dont travel regular. The hotel shuttle service was nice enough to take us to a mall and pick us up after for the first 3 evenings after training (the lone female in the group nice up the driver), but shuttle cant do it all the time. Taxi hella expensive, at least $20 to go anywhere. It worked out cheaper if we rented cars, so by Friday we got two cars for the 8 of us. Thats where the interesting times began.

Of all in the group there were only 3 of us that could drive in the US (myself included), however only two were in any way familiar with the roads. The main navigator that got us anywhere we went didnt have his licence but has been in Boston before. Trust me, google map was our bestest friend on this trip. But even then we still managed to get lost almost every single time we went on the road. Including the day we were leaving...

7 am flight. The car rental place doesnt open until 5:15 am. They will shuttle you to the airport after checking the car. Ok, so the plan is to go to the airport, check in, then leave to return the car, and get shuttled back to the airport and fly out on our merry way. We got directions to the airport. simple enough. Leave out 4:30. Get to Boston by about 4:50. Found the way to the airport. Whats this...3 or 4 different places to park..none fitting the description of what we want to do...uhh..err..ok turn there...terminal? which terminal are we? 5 this is the wrong place, turn here...5:15, getting a bit late but no worries...ok lets try get back to where we started...but how do we do that..damn took a wrong turn...ok lets go to the car rental place as we saw a rigth turn that wouldve taken us to where a bunch of different car rental companies were bunched together...only our company isnt one of them. Great. 5:30..times a ticking..back to the airport, try find an information booth...too early none not open...found 2 security guards and asked for directions...back to car, follow directions, realize security guards dont know nuttin...end up back at the same place with all the car rental places...5:45..we drive into one of the car rental places and catch the driver of a shuttle about to leave for directions...dude's english is poor, ha it keeps getting better...but eventaully he leads us on the right rental place is waaaay far from airport and other rental to car rental at bout 6:05, got to airport at 6:15, eventually got to the gate at 6:50 for a 7 am flight.

Talk about cutting it close.

But we made it home ok. And after getting partially used to the cold up there home now feels hotter than it was in the summer. Who knew 2 weeks could make such a difference.

All in all a good trip.

Blogger The Seeker did sey...

Sounds like fun.

Wed Oct 11, 08:11:00 AM 2006 


Blogger Bashmentbasses did sey...

Glad you enjoyed it. Keep making use of every opportunity.

Wed Oct 11, 08:44:00 PM 2006 


Blogger Sashigamali did sey...

DWL sounds like u had a krazy fun time D. digicel jus keeps throwin the fun at u huh lol

Wed Oct 18, 04:30:00 PM 2006 


Anonymous NickMack did sey...


Hush! :) At least you made it!

Fri Oct 27, 05:44:00 PM 2006 


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