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7/03/2005 10:17:00 PM

Movie remakes

I saw War of the Worlds today. Wasnt bad. But they really shouldve called it something else. The original is centered around aliens taking over the world, exterminating the human race. This remake is centered around a man and his relationship with his children, and an alien invasion just happens to be going on at the same time. Changes the story a bit, know what I mean? Kinda like a movie about some homeless kid who had a crush on some rich uptown girl, and they just happened to be on the largest ship ever built whose sinking went down in history, but the historic sinking was just "by the way".

Anyway, original/remake comaprisons aside, the movie is watchable. Lots of fancy special effects, sound effects are great I think. Tom pulls it off, but in my opinion the actress who played his daughter stole the show. Aliens were, well, aliens. Their ships, the "tripods", were more strange than menacing. Dont know why they kept farting though.

Anonymous Thinkbass did sey...

That's what I was afraid of - that it wouldn't really be about the end of the world - but of a family making it through it. So it doesn't really warrant the name War of the Worlds - which means future remakes are gonna have to be renamed or something.

Think I'll wait to get a copy and watch it at home.

Mon Jul 04, 08:20:00 PM 2005 


Blogger me did sey...

I was just afraid that Tom would have dragged down Spielberg's rep again like he did with Minority Report. I do like watching Dakota Fanning though, great actress for any age.

Sat Jul 09, 12:57:00 AM 2005 


Blogger bassChocolate did sey...

I'm free of the bias of having known what the original was about. That being said, the movie had me on edge straight throughout, which is something very few movies have managed to do. It's routine, you know it's moving from point A to point B with the only question being what route it will take. The conflict between Tom's character and his son was interesting. The visuals were spectacular. At the very end though I thought "that's it?". But I got my money's worth, definitely.

P.S.: Damn Dakota Fanning can scream! I wanted to knock her over so many times! But she's a fabulous lil' actress.

Sat Jul 23, 12:33:00 AM 2005 


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