Through ironically colourful colourblind eyes....

6/30/2005 12:10:00 AM


It seems I goat mouth myself when I made that post about my car experiences. Car lef me a road last night lol. Ahh bwoy. Anyway, while the mechanic was looking at I was thinking to myself how well I was taking it. I was surprisingly pretty calm. In the past, I wouldve been pissed, fretting about how much money i would have to spend, how many days I would be without a car, etc. But when it happened, I was just a little annoyed, thats all. I was saying "hey, its good that this incident didnt get me all worked up."

...or is it?

We usually turn to God to help out when we are in situations that result in negative emotions. We ask for strength to cope with these emotions, to not be overcome by them. Try and imagine a world where such prayers are answered right away, all the time. Imagine a world where we easily and effortlessly cast our troubles on the Lord, and refuse to let these troubles get us down. Hence, what you would have is a world where there is no despair, no hopelessness, no anger. No annoyance, no fear.

Sounds wonderful, doesnt it?

Let us peer at this world again, this time through colourfully colourblind eyes...

Imagine a world where there is no despair, no despair to drive one to search for the solution, and learning, experiencing, growing, maturing, along the way. And inspiring others around you when you do find the solution. A world where there is no hopelessness, no hopelessness for you to experience joy, relief, and a drive to learn the life lesson when you finally see that ray of light, and in understanding the hopelessness to possibly be someone else's ray of light. A world where there is no anger, no anger to fuel passion to sing about scratching nails down someone elses back or about how poor people fed up. A world where there is no fear, no fear to be overcome so we can feel good about ourselves, be proud of ourselves, congratulate ourselves, and inspire others ("if they can do it, why cant I?").

If you dont know despair, how will you know relief?
If you dont know hopelessness, how will you know hope?
If you dont know anger, how will you know peace?
If you dont know fear, how will you know courage?

If you dont know hate, how will you know love?

If you dont know love, how will you know God?

Maybe we should not be so quick to "cast our troubles on the lord". Maybe we need the despair, the hopelessness, the anger, the fear. Maybe we are wrong to "pray these feelings away". Instead, maybe we need to pray for a way to channel these feelings, whether it be an activity to replace depressing thoughts, or vigorous exercise to release anger, or annoying people to piss us off so we can appreciate our true friends more. Maybe we should be thankful for the troubles, and instead pray that we will not be blind to the lessons taught on our journey. When raising a child, if you as a parent are constantly there, to protect, to fix their problems for them, so they never worry, are never in need, always have what they need, we all know you're going to have a lazy, co-dependent, spoilt, whiny, immature adult with low self confidence. There are times when you as a parent will need to step back and let them solve their problems on their own, only stepping in if the situation gets too big for them. Maybe our relationship with God should be something similar to this.

Blogger The Seeker did sey...


Thu Jun 30, 09:36:00 AM 2005 


Blogger Rae did sey...

I guess that's why God in his wisdom hasn't answered many a prayer like those.

nice D. like it alot.

Thu Jun 30, 10:43:00 AM 2005 


Anonymous Thinkbass did sey...

Deep D.

Never really thought about it like that. Though me thinks sometimes a quick relief can be good.

Thu Jun 30, 11:50:00 AM 2005 


Blogger Bashmentbasses did sey...

That's why we pray "Your will be done." He doesn't want us to suffer but unfortunately humans (like Agent Smith indicated) can't stand to be happy. They like some suffering to make them appreciate the good going on.

He doesn't remove us from all situations anyway. Since He never gives us more than we can bear, then whatever we face He knows we can manage and He tells us to pray for the strength to manage.

Jesus asked for the cup to pass Him by, but added that not His will but the Father's will be done and then He went on to suffer like hell.

Thu Jun 30, 04:26:00 PM 2005 


Blogger bassChocolate did sey...

Food for thought.

Thu Jun 30, 05:36:00 PM 2005 


Blogger Sweet Simone did sey...

Well said D! I have to keep reminding myself that we are made stronger in the trials we go through so that we can help ease the burden of others when they go through similar trials.

Fri Jul 01, 01:06:00 AM 2005 


Anonymous Anonymous did sey...

Really deep D.
Funny I shared those very thoughts with someone the other day; they thought I was weird, but I'm glad to know someone else share the same sentiments as I.

Mon Jul 04, 01:11:00 PM 2005 


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