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6/27/2005 07:50:00 AM

Blog templates

Is it me or do the standard blog templates suck? Of all the templates offered by blogspot there are only one or two I really like. One night while working late (work at 3 am is still considered working late right? Or is that working early?) I spent some time on google looking for alternative templates. I found a couple that I didnt like straight off the bat, but with some customization they could work. Eventually I settled on this template, ubt to tell the truth im still not satisfied. For some reason this template makes everything on the page look cluttered. I tried removing a couple of the links at the side, in an effort to make it look less cluttered, and only left up links to blogs I visit most often. But it still looks cluttered, to me anyway. Think im gonna try removing all the links altogether.

What I need to do is write my own template. Then I can come up with a way to have as many links as I want, and have all the recent posts up, without making the whole page look so messy.

Til then gonna try this new one. It looks cleaner, gonna have to change that girly looking picture at the top though....

Blogger bassChocolate did sey...

I too have issues settling on a template. Was just telling C Moan a little while ago that I'm ready to get rid of mine. If I could make my own I would, but it's all a little above my paygrade.

And yeah, that pic is a little girly, that's why I'd passed on this template.

Mon Jun 27, 04:38:00 PM 2005 


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