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6/06/2005 03:32:00 PM

Today I realized something I've suspected for a long time..........I have a problem with authority.

Mind you, its not a big problem. Either that or I havent been put in a situation where it would become a big problem. I guess being in the field I am in (IT) it allows you a certain amount of freedom, where you get to solve a problem however you want to, your lunch times arent within strict times, and the times you arrive/leave the office are more flexible than most other positions. You have breathing room. So there havent really been many instances where I am constantly being told what to do.

However, for each job position i've held i've had a boss, a supervisor, that I had to answer to. Hence there are always times when I am instructed to do something. Now, so far I have been fortunate, my superiors (present and former) were very cool people and I had no problems with them personally. However, whenever I hear the words "Ok, you need to..." "This is what you need to do.." "I want you to...", the words tug at something within me. Even though the request is usually not an unreasonable one, is part of my job description, and is totally justified, yet still I do not like to hear aforementioned words. Especially if I cant immediately see the reasoning behind the request. And honestly, I dont know why.

Im pretty autonomous, I can work on my own. Most times I dont have to wait to be instructed to do something to get it done. Yet still a higher authority giving me instructions can irk me. It makes me wonder if I was never in IT how would I ever survive a scenario with someone constantly giving orders and looking over my shoulder.

Blogger Bashmentbasses did sey...

Same problem. It's hard because every where I go I follow to a point and then do my own thing when it suits me. Of course this doesn't work well with relationship with God, but I still try to submit.

Mon Jun 06, 07:52:00 PM 2005 


Blogger laroper18 did sey...

I am trying to work with mine! Will say no more...

Tue Jun 07, 11:20:00 PM 2005 


Blogger Sashigamali did sey...

Yeah D just so u kno..dat runs in da family is mummy fault lol don't think we'll ever get over that

Fri Jun 17, 10:44:00 AM 2005 


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