Through ironically colourful colourblind eyes....

8/28/2005 07:37:00 PM

Reality Shows

I just saw a commercial on cable tv. Stating that everyone thinks they should have a reality show. I said "yup". Then the commercial said most of them shouldnt. I said "couldnt agree more". Then the commercial said help us find the true reality show.

A reality show about finding a true reality show. Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse...

8/28/2005 07:35:00 PM


There's no why are the headaches still there?

8/27/2005 10:07:00 PM

Music Is.....over

Ahh, its finally over:) Weeks and weeks of long hours of practice, finally culminating in four great shows over 3 days. We got good reviews in 3 different publications, each being better than any review of previous concerts. Well, that Ive seen anyway. Seems the long hours was worth it after all. Some say this was the best show we have put on yet. I am inclined to agree, though I feel its not solely due to the music. The theme of the concert, 'Music Is..', as well as our host, Rosemarie Murray, brought the audience as little closer to the panoridim, and what music was to us.

For me the road was nowhere near easy, however. After my last MBA class before summer break (leading up to that was hell, or close to it) I came back to a section where I hoped to take more of back seat in terms of playing than I had done in previous years. Alas, this was not to be. The lead tenor player found her calling and followed her heart all the way to Trinidad for the summer (kudos to you B ,I hope I will soon be as lucky :-). The other major tenor players would be in and out of the panyard at different times for the next couple weeks, the only consistent tenor would be moi. All would not be in the panyard at the same time until July. Incidentally, this is the time that all teaching was scheduled to stop. 9 songs for yours truly to learn and teach to different individuals with different schedules in approximately 8 weeks. You can imagine the dilemma. However, long practice hours, 6 day pan weeks (before the full band was doing it), simultaneously teaching 2 and learning one song, couple splitting headaches, 3 1/2 months and two completely worn out tenor stick rubbers later, Richie declared that the tenors were second only to the bubbling double seconds. Quite an achievement for a section that had the least amount of band practice time :-D We managed to pull together and get the job done. GO TENORS!!! I feel i should give myself a small pat on the back as well, being section leader to a section where almost all the players are better more experienced players than yourself. But the job still got done!

The concert came, and went, with great reviews. We worked hard, we played harder, we had fun during it all. Now its time for a breather, to play to the tune of something other than a pan for a while. I suspect the next couple months will see some changes in the band, familiar and maybe some unfamiliar. Whatever comes our way, if we managed to pull off this concert, we can handle anything.

8/23/2005 02:57:00 PM

Panoridim big ups!!!

We Large!!!

Jamaica Gleaner write up

Jamaica Star write up

Jamaica Observer write up

8/05/2005 03:26:00 PM

Dieting craze

Its no secret the US is obsessed with dieting. There seems to be a large number of overweight citizens in the US. One just has to catch one of the talk shows on cable (Maury, Springer, Montel, etc) and you are bound to catch a show about some 300 lb person who claim they are a victim of cheeseburgers and hot dogs, havent seen anything below their waist in years and get out of breath just trying to stand up. Thus the US, true to their business-like nature, capitalize on this and has produced numerous diets throughout the years, not all of which necessarily work mind you. But theyre there just the same. The most recent famous diet was the Atkins diet. The theory, basically, is to cut down/out your intake of carbs and increase protein. So, Americans were gorging guiltlessly on steaks and low carb versions of cheeseburgers. Oh yeah, thats healthy. Rooiiiight.

The Atkins diet fad is fading rapidly. The company behind the diet is now filing for bankruptcy protection. It started to fizzle when health "experts" raised concerns over coronary heart disease (it took "experts" that long to figure that out). It fizzled more when Robert Atkins had an accidental death, and a leaked post mortem report showed a history of heart disease and obesity. Personally I dont watch that supposed post mortem report too much as it is heresay, but it did its damage and led to the diet's decreasing popularity.

Bill "I-did-not-have-sexual-relations-with-that-woman" Clinton claims after having quadruple bypass heart surgery he wished he had forgone the atkins diet. Come on Billy boy you disappoint me, I thought you were smarter than that to believe in this rubbish diet.

Taken from,,11069-1717246,00.html
Last year a dieter filed a law suit claiming that the diet had caused blocked arteries in his heart. He said that his cholesterol soared after he began eating “mayonnaise with everything” in line with the diet’s rules.

Big surprise there.

After undergoing angioplasty to reopen his arteries, he started eating mostly fruits, vegetables, grains and lean meats. His cholesterol fell to a healthy level in two months, he claimed.

AMAZING! Who wouldve guessed that? Hey America, here's an idea for the next fad diet...fruits and vegetables! Hey it sounds crazy but it just might work!!

But no, a fad diet of fruits and vegetables will not be next, as apparently the next upcoming diet might be to lose weight by lying to yourself. Yep, you read right. The theory is to implant memories in your brain in such a way that you are reminded of fake bad memories whenever you look at cheesecake or fries. The result, you push the unhealthy fatty food away.

What will they think of next...