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5/28/2006 11:43:00 PM

Sleep – a concept?

This has been one of those weekends for work….went out Fri night, came in after 3, woke up around 9. Went out Sat night, came in something to 5 am. Realized there was a problem, started working on the problem at around 5. Didn’t stop until after noon. I mustve gotten something like an hour and a half of sleep. Tried to sleep at 2, phone woke me up after 20 minutes. Couldn’t go back to sleep. Have another hour or so of work at midnight tonight.

2 weeks ago at the Mobay band lyme, worked the Fri morning from 12 am to about 6 am, was up by around 10. Didn’t go to sleep til the Sat morning, after the sun rise, even then it mustve been 45 or so minutes. The next night I got my required 6 hours.

Doctors recommend 8 hours of sleep. I don’t need so much, I need around 6 most of the time. Yet I know ppl who go off 3 – 4 hours of sleep every night, others that regularly bleach and have very little side effects. And I know others for whom 10 hours of sleep isn’t enough.

My sleep habits are a little weird. Ive been told I have insomnia but not the typical type. I don’t have problems going to sleep, I have problems staying asleep. No matter how tired I may be, the later I go to sleep, the earlier I will wake up. And more times than not I will not be able to go back to sleep.

Ive had some serious all-work-no-sleep episodes. 11 pm – 8 am doing upgrades. 2:30 am – 1 pm working on some problem. While sick I might add. 9 pm – 7 am, again problem related, to wake up by 10 to go in to work. And in all these cases I get home dog tired and still sleep less than my required 6 hours.

I listen to some of my friends who talk about unable to party two nights in a row, cause they ‘mash up’ afterwards. I guess this is where the ‘Digicel experience’ has somewhat trained me for this sort of thing. The thing is, even though I don’t suffer physically from extended periods without sleep, there’s psychological after-effects. I become antisocial (more than normal anyway), short tempered, kind of grumpy, and lazy to think about anything too tough.

Right now id love nothing more than to go to bed and get some sleep. Im tired. And the earlier I get to sleep, the longer I’ll sleep. But work is at 12…I hope it doesn’t go on too long tonight, as the later I go to sleep, the earlier I’ll wake up.

5/28/2006 07:18:00 PM

Subaru Legacy GT

I have to admit, of late they have been catching my eye.

Im now becoming tired of fixing something on my car every other month. It gets real old after a while.

So im shopping around for a new car. But im picky. Id like a car I intend to keep for a while. That means its got to be a newer car, not much older than say 5 years. Id prefer a 4 door, tired of the 2 door thing now. Id really like a stick shift. Not as likely to be stolen (most tief tend not to go for stick shift cars), and more fun to drive. Also more control over how much gas you use. Must be quick, cannot deal with a car that doesnt respond as i press the gas.

Dont want a honda, dont particular like driving them, and too much of a target for thieves. Expensive too. I love Toyota, cause that was the car I drove most often soon after I got my licence. But kinda limited in terms of the attributes im looking for. The only Toyota I found that I like is the Carina GT.

But the more I see the Legacy on the road the more I like it. Hmm...

Ppl ask "why not go for Impreza?" Maintenance cost. More than Id like to shell out.

4 door sedan, turbocharged 2.5L engine, stick shift, not a common car so not attractive to thieves. Now the only part is can I afford it??

5/15/2006 08:32:00 AM

Matrix Beginnings

Interesting article about the truth behind the creation of the Terminator and Matrix movies.

5/05/2006 04:39:00 PM

No number 'second' roun 'ere

We administrators of the blog circle (as shown by the links on the right) have had numerous discussions on this "Number dos" syndrome. Why does no one say this number? Why do Jamaican men take offence to being labelled as number what-comes-after-1, regardless of the context? Whats the difference between the numeral 1+1 and any other number?

One day in 1994 Terror Fabulous released a song, the first few lines of which went like so:

"Some man a play number 2
nuff man a oil and vaseline up fi tru
but i and i nuh inna none a dat , it wont do
cause anytime mi si di likkle bad pinky loo,mi haffi sing seh"

So there you have it. According to the song, playing number 3-1 means doing some activity that homosexual males do. Hence the reaction from our males in society. Mystery solved!